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Fortune—fortune to households by quality and safety.

We have got a vast range of kitchen foods, which include edible oil, rice, sugar, flavoring, table food and other series of products, and never ceased R&D and innovation in order to satisfy consumers and their family members’ demands on nutritious, healthy and tasty new products.

Fortune, the only edible oil brand cooperative partner of China Space Foundation, also provides numerous Chinese families safe and nutritious edible oil, including nutrient-rich oils, vitamin-fortified oils and blended oils, which incorporated the HEALTH concept of Fortune oils. Fortune oils, safe and nutritious, are devoted to meet Chinese families’ health need and to provide quality guarantee for happy life.

Fortune rice is the first packaged rice brand retailed in China. As a leading rice brand in China,Fortune rice is distributed to 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Quality comes from standards. Standards are set for choosing Fertile lands through inspection and screening and managing field by agro technicians’ instructions of formulated fertilization, spraying campaigns, plowing, weeding , harvesting , storage, etc.

Fortune sugar series are made of quality raw material of cane sugar produced from quality production areas through advanced carbonation technology. The white granulated sugar boasts of healthy product with ‘zero’ sulphur residues, the pure brown sugar comes from the sugarcane producing area of Yunnan in China, quality monocrystal rock sugar characterized by glittering and translucent grains, soft sugar characterized by uniform and fine grains and the caster sugar with all foreign matters filtered by scientific techniques have kept pure nutrients, that adds sweet flavor to our busy lives.

Fortune sauces, dressings and table food seriesare also made of selected raw materials. With COFCO’s outstanding R&D team and rigorous production control system, Fortune dedicates quality flavors for new Chinese tastes.

The brand of Fortune has won lots of special awards for being associated with health. It has been awarded with the title of ‘National Safe and Healthy Quality Food Product’ by China Association for Quality Inspection in 2004, and it has been recognized as renowned trademark by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China on May 27, 2011.



Xiangxue——healthier flour and stronger aroma of flour.

Quality product comes from COFCO's fully integrated value chain and is the best choice for customer's healthy diet and better life. We have applied rigorous control on different links including contracted farming, prudent selection of wheat variety, rigorous inspection and classified storage.

COFCO Xiangxue flour uses the best selected imported and domestic wheat and the latest milling technology. Thtough the advanced wheat blending and flour blending technology and fine milling, the finished flour is fine in quality, natural in color and has strong flavor of wheat. Boiled dumplings, noodles and other products made of COFCO’s flour look transparent and are pliable and chewy; steamed bread and steamed dumplings made of COFCO’s flour have beautiful shape, bright color as well as soft and delicate taste.

To meet different consumer’s demands, special flour is selected for noodle making, advanced noodle making technologies adopted and and the production process fully automated to ensure food safety and sanitation. The noodle is easily cooked with pure wheat flavor and no broken noodle.

Our unremitting pursuit of quality has won us many certificates and honorary titles: we received ISO9001:2000 quality management system certificate and HACCP food safety management system certificate, won the title of Key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization of Shenyang City and Liaoning Province and well-known Trademark of Liaoning Province. Xiangxue bread flour is rewarded with green food certificate, and the Xiangxue flour with the title of 'China's Renowned Brand'.



Joycome——healthy meat product expert with a total process quality control and a guarantee for food safety.

Joycome cool fresh meat products are made under the rigorous control of COFCO's integrated meat industry chain to ensure the safety and tasty of each product with no hormone, clenbuterol, antibiotic and other banned drugs. The raw materials of the products, which come from quality swine sources of COFCO Meat's own breeding zone, are processed into final product through mortemageing, sealed gas flushing packaging and other fine processing techniques. The nutritious and healthy product with fresh and tender taste has received the National 'Green Food' Certification.

Joycome adheres to its 'fresh and tasty' product concept, carefully choosing COFCO's fresh and quality aged pork as raw material, and maintaining the freshness, taste and nutrients of the meat through strict curing processes, pasteurizing process, vacuum aseptic packaging and the rigorous control on the whole cold chain. It has adopted the health concept of low fat, low sugar and low cholesterol into its products, and rigorously followed the national standard to provide customers with tasty and healthy quality products.

Joycome poultry prepared food and cooked food have been carefully processed and produced from COFCO's home-grown fresh poultry raw materials with advanced equipments and technologies in the world. Cooked food includes roasted wing, roasted wings, rice burger and other best selling products as well as salted crispy chicken, chicken popcorn, chicken nuggets and other popular food. Those leisure foods from fresh and tender meat with rich aromas and attractive color are ideal for family consumption and well received by customers.

We have built 59 ecological breeding bases of our own gradually developed a complete livestock and poultry industry chain and a sound traceability system by controlling each production procedure from the source of hog and chicken breeding. Moreover, we have rigorous requirements on the breeding environment——pure and clear water, adjacent to mountains and rivers, enclosed space and excellent epidemic prevention conditions. We took the lead in introducing retail packaged products and establishing advanced cold chain logistics system in China to avoid secondary pollution of meat products for sale.All those above mentioned efforts are to ensure our customers assured food and all-round health guarantee.



Products gathered from the nature to nourish your well-being. Zicai is a quality oil and food brand from us. Zicai ensures that each species comes from the optimal growing area of that species, and rigorously controls the surrounding environment to allow the species grow in a pollution-free natural environment.

We are committed to perfection through applying rigorous control on the whole process from seeds to kitchen to produce safer and higher quality products for our customers. Currently, our products include edible oil, rice, minor cereals, forest products and other series products.

Edible oil——natural non-GMO quality seeds, full growth period, manual harvest, first-time press of virgin oil with no antioxidant added and double sealed nitrogen-filled packages used.

Zicai has introduced a series of natural and healthy edible oil products with rich unsaturated fatty acid and more reasonable fatty acid components by integrating the nutriology of a balanced and healthy diet tand Chinese people's dietary habit. A monitoring system of a total integrated value chain and a traceability system have been established for the purity of original seeds, planting environment, cultivation management, pesticide residues control, storage and preservation and scientific processing, and from 'farmland to dining table'. Zicai has already introduced walnut oil, camellia oil, rice bran oil, sunflower seed oil and other products, and will introduce more quality edible oil products to meet the requirements for upgrade of consumption.

Zicai promotes the use of proper amount of oil and shift between different kinds of edible vegetable oil for well-balanced nutrition. Whether it's used for plain-frying, cold addressed dish, roasting, frying or deep frying, Zicai allows consumers to have a modern and healthier diet.

Rice——traceable source of variety, areas with specific cumulative temperature, limited planting, cultivation record, pesticide residues control, harvesting at a time of optimum ripeness, single-variety storage with low temperature and constant humidity , proper processing and no excessive polishing.

We have formulated high quality operational standards in the light of the international market access requirements, and established monitoring and traceability system from 'farmland to dining table' for the purity of original seeds, planting environment, cultivation management, pesticide residues control, storage and preservation and scientific processing to allow us produce high quality Fragrance Rice , Akitakomachi, Kushihigari, Thai Hom Mali Rice and other rice products.

Coarse cereals——French bean, green bean, red bean, millet, sticky rice and all kinds of home-made snacks from coarse cereals

Compared with rice and edible oil, coarse cereals carry more household warmth, more health effects and more agrestic flavor.

We have developed species resources in the light of international quality requirements through long-term cultivation and domestication, and acquired world class storage and fresh preservation technologies and facilities. Zicai's safe, healthy and tasty coarse cereals products can nourish your mind and body with the gift of nature.

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