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  • Fortune
  • Fortune—fortune to households by quality and safety.

    We have got a vast range of kitchen foods, which include edible oil, rice, sugar, flavoring, table food and other series of products, and never ceased R&D and innovation in order to satisfy consumers and their family members’ demands on nutritious, healthy and tasty new products.

    Fortune, the only edible oil brand cooperative partner of China Space Foundation, also provides numerous Chinese families safe and nutritious edible oil, including nutrient-rich oils, vitamin-fortified oils and blended oils, which incorporated the HEALTH concept of Fortune oils. Fortune oils, safe and nutritious, are devoted to meet Chinese families’ health need and to provide quality guarantee for happy life.

    Fortune rice is the first packaged rice brand retailed in China. As a leading rice brand in China,Fortune rice is distributed to 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Quality comes from standards. Standards are set for choosing Fertile lands through inspection and screening and managing field by agro technicians’ instructions of formulated fertilization, spraying campaigns, plowing, weeding , harvesting , storage, etc.

    Fortune sugar series are made of quality raw material of cane sugar produced from quality production areas through advanced carbonation technology. The white granulated sugar boasts of healthy product with ‘zero’ sulphur residues, the pure brown sugar comes from the sugarcane producing area of Yunnan in China, quality monocrystal rock sugar characterized by glittering and translucent grains, soft sugar characterized by uniform and fine grains and the caster sugar with all foreign matters filtered by scientific techniques have kept pure nutrients, that adds sweet flavor to our busy lives.

    Fortune sauces, dressings and table food seriesare also made of selected raw materials. With COFCO’s outstanding R&D team and rigorous production control system, Fortune dedicates quality flavors for new Chinese tastes.

    The brand of Fortune has won lots of special awards for being associated with health. It has been awarded with the title of ‘National Safe and Healthy Quality Food Product’ by China Association for Quality Inspection in 2004, and it has been recognized as renowned trademark by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China on May 27, 2011.

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