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  • Joycome
  • Joycome——healthy meat product expert with a total process quality control and a guarantee for food safety.

    Joycome cool fresh meat products are made under the rigorous control of COFCO's integrated meat industry chain to ensure the safety and tasty of each product with no hormone, clenbuterol, antibiotic and other banned drugs. The raw materials of the products, which come from quality swine sources of COFCO Meat's own breeding zone, are processed into final product through mortemageing, sealed gas flushing packaging and other fine processing techniques. The nutritious and healthy product with fresh and tender taste has received the National 'Green Food' Certification.

    Joycome adheres to its 'fresh and tasty' product concept, carefully choosing COFCO's fresh and quality aged pork as raw material, and maintaining the freshness, taste and nutrients of the meat through strict curing processes, pasteurizing process, vacuum aseptic packaging and the rigorous control on the whole cold chain. It has adopted the health concept of low fat, low sugar and low cholesterol into its products, and rigorously followed the national standard to provide customers with tasty and healthy quality products.

    Joycome poultry prepared food and cooked food have been carefully processed and produced from COFCO's home-grown fresh poultry raw materials with advanced equipments and technologies in the world. Cooked food includes roasted wing, roasted wings, rice burger and other best selling products as well as salted crispy chicken, chicken popcorn, chicken nuggets and other popular food. Those leisure foods from fresh and tender meat with rich aromas and attractive color are ideal for family consumption and well received by customers.

    We have built 59 ecological breeding bases of our own gradually developed a complete livestock and poultry industry chain and a sound traceability system by controlling each production procedure from the source of hog and chicken breeding. Moreover, we have rigorous requirements on the breeding environment——pure and clear water, adjacent to mountains and rivers, enclosed space and excellent epidemic prevention conditions. We took the lead in introducing retail packaged products and establishing advanced cold chain logistics system in China to avoid secondary pollution of meat products for sale.All those above mentioned efforts are to ensure our customers assured food and all-round health guarantee.

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