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  • Leconte
  • Leconte——the extremely aromatic and pure chocolate loved by everyone

    Following the European standard to prudently select the best ‘Golden Cocoa’ and applying the traditional chocolate making techniques from Switzerland, we provide customers with classic chocolate of pleasant cocoa flavor. The baking, grinding, fine grinding, blending and all other procedures are using to enrich the aroma of the chocolate which give our consumers a pure European taste.

    Only the chocolates with pleasant cocoa flavor are the real classic chocolates. In addition to the traditional milk and dark chocolate, we have introduced chocolates with roasted coffee, crisp hazelnut, apricot kernel and cereal, raisin and nutlet, and even popping chocolate.

    We have enriched our product series for individual package, family package, gifts and wedding. The Leconte nutlet chocolate egg is a product that quality nutlets are coated the classic and aromatic Leconte chocolate which perfectly integrated the crispy taste of nutlet and aroma of cocoa, thus becoming one of the most popular classic products among Leconte product lines.

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