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  • Merveille
  • Merveille——a brand specially designed for every sunny, vigorous and optimistic girl.

    The Merveille chocolate brittles are made from prudently chosen golden cocoa and top grade Turkish hazelnuts with traditional chocolate making techniques of Switzerland as well as advanced baking techniques. The crispy hazelnut coated with aromatic Leconte chocolate has a aromatic, smooth, soft and crispy taste. The transparent with unique and different funny designs of little bear, boots, Christmas tree, snowman and stars can be recycled.

    The Merveille fruit juice stuffed jelly sweets are made of top grade edible gelatin with world-class soft sweets processing techniques and advanced soft sweets processing equipments. Tasty fruit juices are added into the translucent and elastic jelly sweets to combine the refreshing juice with elastic jelly sweets and allow customers to enjoy the beautiful taste of juice and jelly sweets at the same time. The various and chewy taste brings customers more excellent experience and makes them cannot help to stop eating Merveille sweets!

    Merveille is devoted to give every customer a moment of relaxation and satisfaction when they having the sweets.

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