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  • Tunhe
  • COFCO Tunhe——a natural brand featuring all-nature fruits and vegetables.

    Our company is committed to providing customers with green, nutritious and healthy food based on our highly specialized professional standard andWe produce four major categories of products including fruit and vegetable juice, tomato condiments, lycopene and dried fruits.

    Among the various beverages produced by Tunhe, tomato juice and grenadine juice are excellent natural antioxidants products. Fun brand integral tomato with original tomato juice of Fun brand has maintained the fresh taste and nutrients of tomato by using fresh tomato as raw material and the processing procedures of washing, blanching, peeling, sterilizing and canning . It is just like having fresh food all the year round, and its nutrients and health care virtue is as tomato sauce. It's not only being normally used as cooking flavoring for cooking or ingredient, and it but also can also be eaten directly as food. The product has received great excellent market feedback since being introduced into the market, and it's become quite popular owning to its tasty and healthy characteristic.

    Lycopene, the distinctive product, which called the “the valuable as gold of natural plant”, is the main representative product of COFCO's health care industry.

    Tunhe retail packaged products have been awarded with the title of 'Consumer's First Choice in China's Tomato Sauce Market' successively in 2005 and 2006 in surveys conducted by major media in China.