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  • Cereal Way
  • Cereal Way——non-deepfried and healthier.

    We have been adhering to traditional noodle making techniques and the essence of Chinese food culture, following the principle of healthy life coming from meals made of cereals and natural food, and paying respect to dietary laws of mankind. We are committed to consumers’ health and provide our customers with nutritious, healthy, delicious convenient food. With the fat content lower than 1%, the completely non-deepfried noodle allows our consumers to have genuine natural and nutritious food while enjoying the convenience and delicious taste.

    Our noodle comes from quality raw material produced by COFCO and the unique production techniques. Being made from well-selected wheat from COFCO’s production areas, the flour used for making noodles is grinded and blended through ten traditional procedures to increase the elasticity of noodles; and the non-deepfried hot air drying technique used can preserve the protein and carbohydrate of the noodle to the greatest extent.

    While providing consumers with healthy noodles, we are trying to diversify noodle flavors of unique characteristics to meet the different needs of consumers. Our noodle products include stewed beef flavor, spicy beef flavor, flavor of braised chop with kelp , flavor of stewed chick with mushroom , flavor of rib in broth, hot and sour beef flavor, flavor of braised beef brisket with tomato, flavor of braised two kinds of mushroom, flavor of mixed vegetable with tomato sauce and flavor of beef cooked with secret ingredients. Among which, ‘noodle with crab flavor of braised rib with kelp’ has won the ‘Annual Innovative Product Award’ in the 11th China Flour Products Expo.

    Food materials of flavoring bag directly supplied by COFCO’s best production areas can effectively guarantee the freshness and quality of the food materials; the natural flavors of food materials fully released through family style simmering techniques will allow our consumers to experience the delicate flavor better than traditional one. ‘Gathering the best food materials to delight consumers with the best taste they can ever find in the world’ is Cereal Way’s enduring brand spirit, and striving to satisfy consumers’ ‘healthy + tasty’ demand is the Cereal Way’s constant product philosophy.

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