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  • Lohas
  • Lohas——a brand focusing on the healthy food and life attitude of LOHAS.

    Lohas is the initial of Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability, which refers to healthy and sustainable life! Since its establishment, we have been taking lohas as the brand essence, and integrating the idea of lohas into all of our products and culture. It's committed to leading the lifestyle trend of LOHAS with its customers.

    As the advocator and practitioner of harmonious life between human and nature, Lohas wants to share the nature and serve the nature. From the perspective of food, Lohas has been prudently choosing natural materials from ecological farms and using natural production techniques to present customers with natural flavors.

    Lohas products can be categorized into four major categories of fruit and vegetable juice series, honey series, yogurt lactobacillus juice drinks and grain chorus series. It has been using raw materials from well-protected ecological areas and maintaining the nutrients of those raw materials to the greatest extent by using advanced processing techniques to provide customers with healthy, safe and natural food.

    Lohas is devoted to advocating energy saving, fighting against over-processing and over-packaging, preventing the generation of unrecyclable wastes, and striving to facilitate the coexistence and harmonious development of human and nature in a more natural manner.

    It has been awarded with the‘2011 Ten Major Micro-Blogging Marketing Cases' Award as well as the Award for Contribution to Better Life by New Weekly in 2009.