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China Tea

  • China Tea
  • China Tea——a world's tea garden committed to providing customers with natural and healthy tea products.

    We endeavour to integerate quality tea resources across the world and provide customers with various tea products and healthy and harmonious life style by taking root in China and having a global view. As a showcase to spread Chinese tea culture to the world, we are not only able to provide people in the world with quality Chinese tea, but also allow Chinese consumers to enjoy different quality tea products and cultures across the world.

    We have a rich product series covering quality tea resources of ten major producing areas in China (including the producing area in Taiwan) and tea producing countries (including Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Japan and other countries). Our products include all types of tea, in which, Pu'er tea, oolong tea, scented tea, green tea and Liupu tea products all lead the global tea market. We have gathered quality products from major tea producing areas across the world and demonstrated the paradigm of China's tea industry.

    Till now, we have developed and owned a batch of well-known brands that are very popular at home and abroad. In addition to the 'CHINATEA' brand, we are also in possession of 'Sea Dyke', 'Butterfly', 'Monkey King', 'Lucky', 'SAFINET E'SAHRAA' and other tea brands, among which, 'Sea Dyke' and 'Monkey King' are 'China's Well-Known Trademark'.

    Upon the verification of exclusive right from the Central Administration for Private Enterprises on December 15, 1951, CHINATEA became one of the trademarks with the longest history after the founding of the People's Republic of China. With the approval of Ministry of Commerce, 'CHINATEA' was recognized as one the first batch of 'China's Time-Honored Brand' in 2006.

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