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  • Zicai
  • Products gathered from the nature to nourish your well-being. Zicai is a quality oil and food brand from us. Zicai ensures that each species comes from the optimal growing area of that species, and rigorously controls the surrounding environment to allow the species grow in a pollution-free natural environment.

    We are committed to perfection through applying rigorous control on the whole process from seeds to kitchen to produce safer and higher quality products for our customers. Currently, our products include edible oil, rice, minor cereals, forest products and other series products.

    Edible oil——natural non-GMO quality seeds, full growth period, manual harvest, first-time press of virgin oil with no antioxidant added and double sealed nitrogen-filled packages used.

    Zicai has introduced a series of natural and healthy edible oil products with rich unsaturated fatty acid and more reasonable fatty acid components by integrating the nutriology of a balanced and healthy diet tand Chinese people's dietary habit. A monitoring system of a total integrated value chain and a traceability system have been established for the purity of original seeds, planting environment, cultivation management, pesticide residues control, storage and preservation and scientific processing, and from 'farmland to dining table'. Zicai has already introduced walnut oil, camellia oil, rice bran oil, sunflower seed oil and other products, and will introduce more quality edible oil products to meet the requirements for upgrade of consumption.

    Zicai promotes the use of proper amount of oil and shift between different kinds of edible vegetable oil for well-balanced nutrition. Whether it's used for plain-frying, cold addressed dish, roasting, frying or deep frying, Zicai allows consumers to have a modern and healthier diet.

    Rice——traceable source of variety, areas with specific cumulative temperature, limited planting, cultivation record, pesticide residues control, harvesting at a time of optimum ripeness, single-variety storage with low temperature and constant humidity , proper processing and no excessive polishing.

    We have formulated high quality operational standards in the light of the international market access requirements, and established monitoring and traceability system from 'farmland to dining table' for the purity of original seeds, planting environment, cultivation management, pesticide residues control, storage and preservation and scientific processing to allow us produce high quality Fragrance Rice , Akitakomachi, Kushihigari, Thai Hom Mali Rice and other rice products.

    Coarse cereals——French bean, green bean, red bean, millet, sticky rice and all kinds of home-made snacks from coarse cereals

    Compared with rice and edible oil, coarse cereals carry more household warmth, more health effects and more agrestic flavor.

    We have developed species resources in the light of international quality requirements through long-term cultivation and domestication, and acquired world class storage and fresh preservation technologies and facilities. Zicai's safe, healthy and tasty coarse cereals products can nourish your mind and body with the gift of nature.