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Developing renewable energy

The company strictly follows the Renewable Energy Law and is supporting the national energy strategy by strictly following the Renewable Energy Law , actively responding responds to the requirements of the Comprehensive Working Program on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction issued by the State Council to ‘actively facilitate the adjustment of the energy sector, steadily develop alternative energy sources, organize and implement the special program for the development of biofuel ethanol and ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles’. It has established production bases in Anhui, Jilin, Guangxi and other areas with an annual production capacity of 800,000 tons of ethanol to replace gasoline as a fossil fuel, saving 2.8 million tons of petroleum and reducing 6.3 million tons of carbon dioxide emission every year.

The National Energy Bio-liquid Fuel R&D (Test) Center was established at COFCO, and the construction of a base for a pilot plant test on cellulose ethanol for COFCO, Sinopec and Novozymes was begun initiated in 2010. The three parties signed a memo on the construction of a 10,000 ton capacity demonstration plant in May, representing a big step towards promoting non-grain fuel ethanol.

The ‘demonstration project producing 200,000 tons annually of cassava fuel ethanol by using non-grain materials’ of COFCO Bio-Energy Guangxi Co., Ltd. is the first non-grain fuel ethanol project in China using cassava as a raw material. It was awarded the First Prize for Scientific-Technical Progress in Guangxi. In light of the country’s strategic plan on developing renewable energy sources, this project’s achievements overcame a bottleneck limiting the development of the cassava fuel ethanol industry, produced realized original technical innovations of element technique, and integrated technical innovations on the whole production flow of cassava fuel ethanol. The proprietary intellectual property rights for the complete set of techniques for producing cassava fuel ethanol are up to advanced international standards.
COFCO Bio-Energy Guangxi Co., Ltd.