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How to interpret COFCO’s ‘fully integrated value chain'?

The company calls the process of converting agricultural products into final consumables through the fully integrated value chain as ‘from farmland to dining tables’. With the fully integrated value chain, COFCO has realized a smooth oil and foodstuffs chain from cultivation to food distribution by systematically integrating wheat, corn, oilseeds and oil products, rice, barley, sugar, tomatoes, meat and other industry chains.

Providing safe, nutritious and healthy foods and improving the overall standard of food consumption are the social responsibilities of COFCO. Under the fully integrated value chain model, the food safety traceability ‘from farmland to dining tables’ becomes possible through carrying out the whole process quality control.

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What is the COFCO talent development concept?

Be a facilitator for employee development and business development.

Be a creator of outstanding talents to provide sufficient and adequate talents for the sustainable of the enterprise.

Establish a systematic human resources management system focusing on talent development and based on performance.

What branded products does COFCO provide for consumers?

COFCO is the largest state-owned oil and food enterprise in China, which has been committed to creating fully integrated oil and food enterprise from farmland to dining tables and providing consumers with safe and reliable quality products. The company provides consumers with branded products and services under three major business categories of food, non-food and hotels and property.

Food: Fortune, Greatwall, Leconte, Tunhe, Joycome, Xiangxue, Cereal Way, Lohas,  China Tea and others;

Non-Food:, Snow-Lotus;

Hotels and property: Joy City, Yalong Bay , Gloria Hotel and etc.

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What is the corporate culture of COFCO?

COFCO pursues the corporate culture of credibility, teamwork, professionalism and innovation:

Credibility, means the pursuit of ethical principle of ‘openness, fairness and justice’, which is the foundation for COFCO’s development and ethics of COFCO staff. 

Teamwork, means the pursuit of the trait of ‘sunshine, transparency, honesty and cooperation’, which reflects the spirit of COFCO staff for making concerted efforts under the shared mission and vision.

Professionalism, implies the pursuit of perfect performance and continuously improved professional standard, which is the basic quality that COFCO staff should have.

Innovation, emphasizes passion, creativity and entrepreneurship, which is the inexhaustible driving force for COFCO’s development.


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