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Food Security
Improving grain trade and logistics system
Giving play to its role as a bridge for the national grain trade
Strengthening plantation in the upstream of industry
Improving the structure of processing
Strengthening downstream links and expanding end consumption
Implementing the country’s macroeconomic control policies
Improving market monitoring and early warning ability
Food Safety
Improving food security systems
Strengthening control on the source of food safety
Strengthening control on food safety and production process
Striving to build traceability systems
Conducting strict inspections and tests
Improving food safety emergency response system
Strengthening food safety education and public awareness
Serve San Nong
Traditional-to-modern operation model transformation
Extensive-to-intensive way of production in rural areas
Farmer income source change from farming to non-farming
Local government's role from production to service-oriented
Stablize and promote economic development in border areas
Energy saving,emission reduction and clean production
Saving raw materials
Saving water resources
Promoting resource recycling
Developing renewable energy
Strengthening ecological protection
Promoting sectoral environmental protection
Public Welfare
Earthquake relief work
Donation to support education
Assistance to Xinjiang and Tibet
Volunteer activities
International aid
Employee Development
Diversified employee composition
Actively recruiting talented people and promoting employment
Labor security and employee benefits
Talent development, incentives and appraisal
Baizhan award and zaidu award
COFCO leadership development center
Production safety
Occupational health
Facilitating employees’ participation in democratic management and supervision
Care for retired employees