COFCO Wines & Spirits

The producer of the first bottled wine in the People’s Republic of China, aims to become China’s most valuable international wine and spirits company with strong brand influence and abundant product mix.

COFCO Wines and Spirits, the specialized platform for COFCO’s liquor business, mainly focuses on wine, imported wine, liquor, and rice wine. Holding several famous brands, including Greatwall, COFCO Wine & Wine, Jiugui, Kong Yiji, and Huangzhonghuang, COFCO Wines and Spirits owns 14 wineries (including 2 overseas wineries) and operates in eight major distribution areas.

COFCO Wines and Spirits has laid the foundation for the standardization of China’s wine industry. China’s first bottle of dry red, dry white, and sparkling wine were all created by Greatwall. As the leading Chinese wine brand, Greatwall has received accolades from Paris, Brussels, London, and other international professional wine awards. Greatwall wine is made from grapes grown in five producing areas: Shacheng, Changli, Penglai, Ningxia Helan Mountain, and Xinjiang Tianshan. As a leader in wine production, sales, and market share for many years, it has earned love and trust from consumers. “At grand national events, we drink Greatwall.” Honored guests drink Greatwall at grand events in China, as at receptions for heads of state to the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, APEC Finance Ministers meeting, Boao Forum for Asia, Davos Forum, “9.3” Victory Day parade, G20 Summit and other major events. Greatwall is a postcard of Chinese hospitality and has earned its status as China’s national wine, demonstrating the noble qualities of Chinese wine on the world stage.

Jiugui, as the top brand of Hunan liquor, created “Strong Mixed Fragrance” as one of the 12 fragrance types in Chinese liquor thanks to the producing region in west region of Hunan, which enjoys unique natural environment and regional cultural resources. Jiugui has won awards at the Bordeaux Wine and Spirit Expo and the Brussels International Wine Fair, been honored as one of “China’s Top Ten Cultural Wines”, “Domestic Boutique”, “China’s Brand-Name Consumer Goods”, “World Famous Consumer Goods” and so on.

Kong Yiji is a “Shaoxing Appellation rice wine”. It is fermented by traditional processes in a village by the bank of Jianhu Lake in Shaoxing. While abiding by the traditional process, advanced producing and management system were also introduced to produce a yellow amber wine with a mellow sweetness that has mass appeal. Kong Yiji has won the Silver Award in China International Spirits and Wine Tasting, and was selected as the designated rice wine brand of the 2014 APEC meeting.

COFCO Wine & Wine imports wine, beer, and spirits into China, and wholly owns the French “Chateau de Viaud” winery. COFCO Wine & Wine has established relationships with many global well-known brands to consistently introduce the world’s high-end, well performing wine, constituting an all-star imported wine mix for Chinese consumers.