Mengniu Dairy Attends The 6th Meeting of The China-France Business Council,Signs Proposal for Sustainable Development Cooperation Release Time : 2024-05-13
On May 6, 2024, at the sixth meeting of the China-France Business Council held in Paris, France, Mengniu Group, a subsidiary of COFCO, and Bel Group, a French dairy giant, formally signed the Proposal for Sustainable Development Cooperation to jointly promote the sustainable development of China-France dairy product industry.
In accordance with the agreement between Mengniu Group and Bel Group, both parties will actively implement the spirit of the meeting, share best practices in the fields of sustainable development and food carbon emission reduction, and carry out cooperation in low-carbon agricultural practices, nutrition awareness projects and food waste combating.
In the aspect of agriculture, both parties will focus on promoting the sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices to carry out research and development, in order to reduce environmental impact, optimize cattle herd management and improve the overall sustainability of cow breeding.
In terms of carbon management and emission reduction in the process of dairy product production, both parties will share their own know-how and apply it in their respective dairy product production processes to optimize carbon emission management; In terms of sustainable share design and food waste prevention, both parties will exchange in-depth solutions for sustainable packaging of dairy products and adopt more sustainable packaging technologies and materials.
In addition, both parties will jointly carry out public welfare initiatives aimed at promoting nutrition and health, especially carry out the "nutrition universal benefit" actions for children and adolescents, and fulfill the commitment of continuous innovation and development in the fields of nutrition and health, to benefit the community and promote sustainable development.
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, both parties reached this strategic cooperation on sustainable development, which is of far-reaching significance for deepening the all-round cooperation between China and France in the fields of agriculture and food.
In the future, both parties will complement and share their advantages in the field of sustainable development, and jointly build an innovative roadmap that respects the natural resources of the earth and benefits the entire dairy product industry chain, providing a new model for and injecting new vitality into the sustainable development of the world dairy product industry.