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COFCO Wines & Spirits Won Award of People Social Responsibility in Two Successive Years Release Time : 2012-03-20

Hosted by, 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility Summit -- Responsibility for the Future was held in Beijing. COFCO Wines & Spirits Co. Ltd won the award of People Social Responsibility for a second year.

According to the organizers, “the award winners should be industry leaders not only for their business operation, achievement and development but also for their role to shoulder social responsibility.” COFCO Wines & Spirits is a case in point. It has been devoted to fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. 

Society and enterprises are interactive. COFCO Wines & Spirits never spared any effort to take its social responsibility. Food safety is the first priority for food industry. COFCO Wines & Spirits played an active role as a business leader; it made an open commitment of food safety in the event of “Morality Promise by the First Batch of 100 Foodstuff Enterprise” organized by the Central Ministry of Propaganda and the Central Office of Civilization.

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