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Chairman Frank Ning Met with US News Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch Release Time : 2015-10-26

In the morning of September 18, 2015, COFCO Chairman Frank Ning met with Chairman of US News Corporation Rupert Murdoch and his delegation at COFCO Fortune Plaza. Both sides conducted exchanges over the world economic situation and China’s food industry.

Frank Ning offered an extended welcome to Mr. Murdoch and his delegation. When he briefed about the development of China’s food industry and COFCO’s rigorous management and control of “food safety”, he expressed his optimism about the overall development trend of China’s food industry despite some outstanding issues and confirmed that dairy products remain a sector undergoing relatively fast growth in the food industry. Frank Ning struck upbeat note about the long-term development of China’s economy although China’s current economic growth slows down.

As to the world economy, Mr. Murdoch said that China’s economic situation and Sino-US relationship in particular are of critical importance to the growth of world economy.

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