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COFCO’s Premium Products Contribute to the Success of the Ninth BRICS Summit Release Time : 2017-09-05
On September 3-5, Xiamen grabbed world attention. The ninth BRICKS Leaders’ Summit was held in Xiamen, China under the theme of "BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future", ready to offer “BRICS wisdom” and “BRICS solution” to promote global cooperation.


With the goal of developing a major international grain trader owned by China, COFCO Corporation has thoroughly implemented the BRICS principle of “openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation” by actively launching agricultural cooperation projects in an effort to achieve joint prosperity of agricultural sector in BRICS countries as well as steady and healthy development of world grain market. COFCO Corporation is actively engaged in developing its own national brands, many of which have been served on many international occasions, bearing witness to the premium quality of COFCO products.


At the ninth BRICS Summit, COFCO Corporation’s brands of BRICS quality including Great Wall Wine, Mengniu Dairy, COFCO Fortune, Xiangxue, and China Tea were served to BRICS leaders.


Great Wall blossoming into an industry benchmark at BRICS Summit

As the country holding the rotating chair of BRICS this year, China entertained foreign honored guests according to the highest standard. Domestically made wine has sufficient strength to take on such a responsibility -- Great Wall’s star single product Great Wall Five-Star Dry Red Wine, Great Wall Château Sun God Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine, Great Wall Château Sun God Riesling Dry White Wine, Great Wall Château Sun God the Chief Winemaker’s Selection Dry Red Wine were served to honored guests, who toasted to a future of win-win cooperation for five BRICS nations.

Along with China’s rise as a global power, Great Wall, a leading brand of Chinese wine, has over the past three decades undertaken the important task of being served to guests at state banquets while constantly improving itself to add splendor to China’s image. From the Beijing Olympic Games to the World Expo in Shanghai, from APEC in Beijing to G20 Summit in Hanghzou, from the Boao Forum for Asia to the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Great Wall can always be found at such distinguished gatherings held in China.

Great Wall Wine has built five superior winemaking regions within the world’s golden grape growing zone along latitude 40。N: Shacheng and Lichang in Hebei, Penglai in Shandong, Helan Mountain in Ningxia, and Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang, where a cluster of top-grade wineries represented by Château Sun God, Château Huaxia and Château Yunmo have been established. Based on the ideal climate and soil conditions in the producing regions, Great Wall has delivered through intensive and meticulous winemaking efforts a series of products that are in keeping with Chinese consumers’ taste and favored by the market and consumers.

A business card for China backed by BRICS quality

Mengniu’s cherished aspiration and responsibility is to provide nutritional and healthy support of supreme quality to high-level international meetings. As the only dairy brand of “designated products for BRICS Leaders’ Summit in Xiamen”, Mengniu’s five major products -- Mengniu Pure Milk, Telunsu, Just Yoghurt, Champion series, and Deluxe and Ice+ -- were available in every core area of the Summit venue, ensuring the success of the Summit with its high quality nutrition and offering health and services of BRICS quality to guests from BRICS nations.


As one of 18 specialized companies under COFCO Corporation, Mengniu has consolidated resources of its international partners with the backing of the Corporation’s macro strategy by successively introducing two major stakeholders – France’s Danone and Denmark’s Arla Foods so as to learn from globally advanced technology and expertise. At present, Mengniu has three major R&D bases in UC Davis, Danone, and Arla Foods respectively. By working with New Zealand’s AsureQuality, it has completed coverage of Mengniu’s full value chain food quality safety certification and launched two major systems SAP and LIMS, greatly promoting Mengniu’s comprehensive compliance with international quality standards for dairy products.


Taste of happiness brought by rice and wheat flour at BRICS banquet

COFCO Fortune brand is always ready to take on the responsibility of providing quality products to support high-level international meetings. As “selected products for BRICS Leaders’ Summit in Xiamen”, two products under COFCO Fortune brand – Fortune Fragrant Rice and Fortune Wheat Germ High-gluten Snowflake Flour were available in the core area of the Summit venue, ensuring the success of the Summit with their high quality and bringing a “taste of happiness on the tip of the tongue” to 1,200 delegates from 25 countries.

Banking on the advantage of its own fully-integrated value chain, COFCO Fortune has applied stringent “full value chain, full coverage and full enclosure” supervision over products and passed multiple rigorous inspections on dozens of indexes by food supervision administration, guaranteeing that products meet international food safety standards and indicating Chinese staple foods’ high standard and premium quality.

Xiamen blessed by both BRICS Summit and Fortune corn oil

“Xiamen is blessed by both BRICS Summit and Fortune corn oil”. On behalf of China’s G&O enterprises and brands, COFCO Fortune’s premium quality corn oil of golden corn producing regions was again responsible for the dietary health of country leaders and guests at BRICS Summit, where it left a deep impression on them with its “quality of gold”. Fortune corn oil of golden producing regions is made from choice quality non-GM corn germ grown in the world’s top corn producing zone along latitude 45。N. The technology of “four lows and three highs” is applied to the growing and extracting of corn germ to make the oil free of cholesterol and rich in 18 nutrients such as phytosterol, linoleic acid, and Vitamin E, providing all-round food safety guarantee for the success of BRICS Summit.


From the World Expo in Shanghai to Rio Olympic Games, from G20 Summit to 2017 BRICS Summit, the national brand of COFCO Fortune has invariably made its presence felt at almost every major international gathering with far-reaching significance, fully displaying China’s profound and extensive culinary culture and projecting a powerful and perfect image of national brands while entertaining guests with safe, nutritious, health and tasty foods.


National brand of BRICS quality forged by the presence of China Tea at BRICS Summit

As a national brand of BRICS quality, COFCO Corporation’s “China Tea Bigboss Haidihong” has again become renowned in the world for its fragrance as “door gift for BRICS leaders’ at Xiamen Summit”. This time the door gift of China Tea Bigboss Haidihong is made from the very tip of tea sprouts harvested from high mountain tea garden bases in early Spring. After undergoing China Tea’s unique technical process, Bigboss Haidihong, which is beautiful and tender covered with golden hair, has strong fragrance and mellow flavor.

As one of 18 specialized companies under COFCO Corporation and China’s only national enterprise engaged in tea business, China Tea has provided tea products to support China’s high-level meetings on multiple occasions thanks to its safe, eco-friendly, green, and healthy quality. At APEC Summit in 2014, the Boao Forum for Asia in 2015, the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2017, and the 7th Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development, China Tea’s products have been designated by the country to be served to many country leaders, garnering extensive praises from representatives of various countries.    

2017 marks the second decade of cooperation among BRICS countries. COFCO Corporation will give full play to its role of a major international grain trader and actively explore various models of in-depth cooperation by adhering to the foundation of “double horse carriages” of investment and trade so as to promote the development of the world G&O industry and meet increasingly diversified demands of consumers in various countries.

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