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Zhao Shuanglian Met with Argentina’s Minister of Agribusiness Luis Miguel Etchevehere Release Time : 2018-05-21
On May 18, secretary of Corporation leading Party members’ group and Chairman Zhao Shuanglian met with Argentina’s Minister of Agribusiness Luis Miguel Etchevehere and his delegation at COFCO Fortune Plaza, where both sides exchanged their views on how to deepen the agricultural cooperation between COFCO and Argentina.

After extending welcome to Luis Miguel Etchevehere and his delegation, Zhao Shuanglian noted that Argentina is COFCO’s important investment destination and source of agri-produce. COFCO International, COFCO Meat, COFCO Grains & Cereals and have trade contacts with Argentina, where their business operations are going smoothly. COFCO will continue to maintain sound agricultural trade with Argentina by gradually increasing its purchase from Argentina year by year.  

Mr. Etchevehere said that Argentina, which positions itself as China’s trustworthy breadbasket, will continue to deepen its strategic partnership with China and to procure infrastructure from China. As COFCO and Argentina have always enjoyed profound and fruitful cooperation, he hoped to further deepen such cooperative relationship.  

Both sides also exchanged views on potential cooperation opportunities in agri-produce import as well as issues concerning the current cooperation.

Argentina's Secretary of Agro-industrial Markets Marisa Bircher, Secretary of Food and Bio-economy Andres Murchison, Director of Multilateral Negotiations Maximiliano Moreno, Industry Senior General Manager of COFCO, Deputy General Manager of COFCO Grains & Cereals, and Deputy General Manager Yang Hong, Head of General Office Liu Yun, COFCO Oils & Oilseeds Secretary of the Party committee and Chairman Dong Wei, COFCO Meat member of the Party committee and General Manager Xu Jianong, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and General Manager Zhao Pingyuan, and Deputy Director of Capital Operations Wu Fei attended the meeting. 
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