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Mengniu Dairy Named as One of the Fifth Annual “Top 60 China Corporate Citizen 5.20 Social Responsibility Brands” in 2020 Release Time : 2020-12-04
A few days ago, the fifth annual "China Corporate Citizen 5.20 Social Responsibility Brand Summit" for the year of 2020 co-sponsored by the Corporate Citizenship Committee of China Association of Social Workers, Tencent Foundation and SynTao was held online. As a leading enterprise in the Chinese dairy industry that demonstrates its social responsibility, Mengniu Dairy was named as one of the "2020 Top 60 China Corporate Citizen 5.20 Social Responsibility Brands" for its outstanding contributions to fighting the epidemic, helping people lift themselves out of poverty through targeted measures, social welfare, and sustainable development.


Help the industry fight the epidemic and shoulder the responsibility as a value chain

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020, Mengniu Dairy immediately donated and built the "China Charity Federation (Mengniu Dairy) Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Supplies Center" in Wuhan, playing an important role in opening up the last mile for donated supplies to be delivered to the front line of efforts to fight the epidemic. In addition, Mengniu Dairy has donated 740 million yuan worth of funds and materials to provide dairy products to important medical institutions across the country, delivering nutrient-rich products to front-line workers in the fight against the epidemic. As the first enterprise in the dairy industry to initiate donations, Mengniu Dairy has spurred the enthusiasm of the entire industry to fight the epidemic.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the dairy industry has sustained considerable impact. As indicated by the data, the income of the dairy industry’s upstream dairy farms has dropped by 30%, making it difficult for funds to flow back to small and medium-sized pastures and dragging down the sales of downstream dairy industry. In order to ensure the stable operation of the fully integrated value chain, Mengniu Dairy resolutely withstood the pressure and put forward five major support measures of “stabilizing confidence and protecting the upstream”. While persisting in “purchasing milk as long as there is supply” to greatly alleviate the pressure of upstream milk source, Mengniu allocated 3 billion yuan of emergency short-term interest-free funds to its pasture partners across the country, driving the expected annual credit line to 10 billion yuan to ensure the sustainable development of pastures. From March to May, Mengniu Dairy issued a total of 3 billion yuan of interest-free funds, which is expected to save more than 30 million yuan in operating costs for pasture partners.


Contribute to society with charity and practice social responsibility

Since its establishment in 1999, Mengniu Dairy has actively participated in a variety of social charities, contributing to society in various forms such as donations, student assistance, and poverty alleviation. It has also played a leading role of a leading enterprise, bringing together support from all sectors of society to promote high-quality public welfare activities.


In 2017, Mengniu Dairy launched a charity initiative of “universal nutrition project” to donate milk to children in poverty-stricken areas while carrying out nutrition and health science education to improve the nutritional level of children in impoverished areas. This initiative has been in operation for three consecutive years. In 2019, Mengniu Dairy's universal nutrition project covered 52,768 students from 186 schools in 122 districts and counties of 88 cities, among whom 39,652 students are from impoverished families. The donation amount was nearly 200,000 boxes and the value of donated products reached RMB 9 million.


In order to improve the effects of targeted measures taken to help people lift themselves out of poverty, Mengniu Dairy has explored and formed a unique model of "poverty alleviation by developing industries and increasing nutrition in targeted areas", established special funds for poverty alleviation, and innovatively carried out a number of poverty alleviation initiatives by developing industries, including the Tibet Pure Land Dairy Project, the "One Hundred Enterprises Linking One Hundred Villages" precision poverty alleviation project, the project of "alleviating ranch poverty to increase farmer’s income", etc. with the goal of activating the autonomous "blood-making" ability of impoverished areas to achieve double progress in terms of nutrition and poverty alleviation.


Pursue sustainable development and fulfill environmental responsibility

In 2019, Mengniu Dairy elevated its sustainable development to corporate-level strategy with equal emphasis on corporate economic and social responsibilities upon its release of ten major commitments and 27 actions under the vision of "guarding the common health of mankind and the planet". By sticking to building a sustainable value chain with "ecology first and green development" as the core, Mengniu Dairy has implemented the concept of sustainable development throughout the fully integrated value chain of dairy industry.


As to the milk source link, Mengniu Dairy has continuously strengthened its management and control of pastures, coordinated with professionals to refine its management of pastures’ energy and resource consumption, vigorously promoted the technology of utilizing manure resources to return manure to the field and generate biogas power, and conducted large-scale training to guide pastures to enhance their awareness of environmental protection. In 2019 alone, Mengniu Dairy provided pastures with 350 million yuan of support funds to push them to improve environmental protection facilities.


As to the production link, Mengniu Dairy has formulated a systematic construction plan for ecological sustainable development, starting from three aspects (energy and resource conservation, ecological environmental protection, and ecological sustainable development), clarifying relevant indicators, improving support guarantees, and drafting a three-year action plan for each item to achieve ecological sustainable development.


As to the distribution link, Mengniu Dairy has vigorously promoted green storage and transportation to reduce storage-induced consumption of various resources through scientific storage planning. At the same time, Mengniu Dairy has become a "national supply chain innovation and application pilot enterprise” by actively organizing factories to apply for green logistics standardization projects,


Themed as "Responsibility creates brand value", the fifth annual "China Corporate Citizen 5.20 Social Responsibility Brand Summit" for the year of 2020 was attended by leaders from relevant government departments, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs and business representatives, social organizations and media representatives. The list of "2020 Top 60 China Corporate Citizen 5.20 Social Responsibility Brands" was selected by experts from the evaluation committee and holistically reviewed by the expert committee of China Corporate Citizens 5.20 Social Responsibility Brand Summit according to dimensions of corporate social responsibility construction, corporate brand building, and responsible brands’ fight against the "epidemic". A number of well-known domestic and foreign companies have been awarded the honorary title of "2020 Top 60 China Corporate Citizens 520 Social Responsibility Brands".

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