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Zijin Pavilion of Waldorf Astoria Beijing Awarded One-star in the 2021 Edition of the Michelin Guide Beijing Release Time : 2020-12-04
Zijin Pavilion Chinese Restaurant at Waldorf Astoria Beijing, a subsidiary of Grandjoy Holdings, was awarded one-star by the 2021 Edition of the Michelin Guide Beijing. This is another special honor for Waldorf Astoria Beijing, which has won the first place in Readers’ Choice 2020 China’s Best Hotels by Condé Nast Traveler China, the seventeenth place in the World’s Best Hotels, and China Leading Hotel award at 2020 World Travel Awards.


As a long-standing symbol of legend and taste with a long history and outstanding food culture, Waldorf Astoria has always adhered to the brand's spirit of constantly innovating gourmet food so as to present to its guests sumptuous feasts of high-quality.


As the chief chef of Zijin Pavilion Chinese Restaurant, Wang Chunzeng has 18 years of experience working in the high-end catering industry, having participated in the preparations for the opening of two luxury five-star hotels at home and abroad. Since he joined Waldorf Astoria Beijing, he has drawn inspiration from four seasons of Zijin Pavilion -- "spring buds, summer shade, autumn leaves, winter shadows" and cherry-picked seasonal ingredients to offer brand-new customized exquisite menu of delicacies combining local food culture and characteristics of ingredients.


The French restaurant Brasserie 1893 at Waldorf Astoria Beijing also won the Michelin Plate Award for two consecutive years. As a French restaurant known for its innovative French cuisine, Brasserie 1893 integrates the elegance of style and essence of cuisine into thoughtful and considerate personalized service to create an unforgettable dining experience for its guests.

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