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COFCO International Attends FT Commodities Global Summit On June 16, COFCO Release Time : 2021-08-16
International’s representative attended online FT Commodities Global Summit 2021 and delivered a speech at a panel discussion titled “The start of an agri-commodity super-cycle”.


At the Summit, COFCO International Vice President Marcelo Martins discussed topics such as the supply and demand in the global future agri-commodity market and sustainability with senior executives of international grain traders including ADM, Cargill, Viterra, and Scoular as well as FT journalists covering commodities.  


This event was reported by Financial Times published on June 17. In the article titled “Top Agricultural Trader Predicts ‘Mini Super Cycle’”, senior executives of Cargill, COFCO, Viterra and Scoular predicts that the corn, soybean and wheat markets will remain strong in the next two to four years. Marcelo Martins was also quoted as saying that China market’s demand for international agri-products will continue to be robust.  


The theme for the 2-day Summit was “Super Cycle of Commodities”. The Summit was attended by leaders of major international agri-products, petrol, and mining businesses who discussed the steep rise of global commodities over the past few months with the easing of the pandemic around the world.   

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