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AON-COFCO Insurance Enters Beijing Market Release Time : 2012-03-20
A ceremony was held November 24, 2005 in the Beijing International Club to mark the opening of the Beijing branch of AON-COFCO. AON-COFCO, the country’s first joint venture insurance brokerage, only entered the Chinese market less than two years ago. The company is now taking its first step to expand its operations in the country by establishing this branch in Beijing.

AON-COFCO is a joint venture set up by COFCO and the American AON group with the opening of venture’s first branch in Shanghai in February 2004. In 2005 the company made the list of the top ten insurance brokerages in China.

AON is the world’s largest reinsurer, the second largest insurance firm and the third largest consulting firm for employee benefits. The company has over 600 branches around the world.
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