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Chateau de Viaud Brand Teams up with "China Sports (" to Broadcast the 2020 Tour de France Release Time : 2020-12-04
The 2020 Tour de France will be held from August 29th to September 20th. Chateau de Viaud has become the only alcoholic beverage brand for domestic broadcast of this event by entering strategic partnership with "China Sports (", a live broadcast media platform of sports events with the exclusive right to broadcast the Tour de France in China.


As two business cards of France, cycling and wine have a profound relationship. In the most popular lifestyle for European people, bicycles and wines are two complementary and indispensable elements. During the live broadcast of the event, the brand of Chateau de Viaud will be frequently visible in the Tour de France live broadcast studio and on the website as well as the mobile app of "China Sports (" to share its passion for cycling with bicycle fans and convey the charm of wine.


Up to now, "China Sports (" live broadcast studio for the Tour de France has been viewed nearly 1 million times and the number of barrages has reached more than 30,000, putting the brand of Chateau de Viaud on full display.

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