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Zambia’s Maize Milling Plant Built by COFCO Engineering Technology Delivered for Operation after Reaching Production Capacity and Meeting Standards through Project Acceptance Test Release Time : 2022-10-10
Recently, a China-aided maize milling plant built by COFCO Engineering Technology in Zambia was delivered for operation upon reaching production capacity and meeting standards through acceptance test. COFCO Engineering Technology is mainly responsible for the delivery and installation of the set of maize milling equipment, instruction and training, provision of technical information as well as the design, manufacturing and installation of the steel structure platform.

Against the raging pandemic and faced with adverse conditions such as local shortage of materials and tropical diseases, COFCO Engineering Technology has actively organized on-the-spot construction and improved epidemic prevention measures in a scientific manner for two years before the delivery of the project. Starting from April 2022, the Company has entered a three-year contract for technological services. The delivery of the project will play an active role in effectively safeguarding Zambia’s grain supply, stabilizing grain price, creating job opportunities, increasing people’s income, and enhancing coordinated economic and social development.  

Over the years, COFCO Engineering Technology has persisted in its specialty and focus, striving to seek growth through innovation and deliver outstanding performance through service. With influential pilot projects in the flour engineering field both at home and abroad such as Tajikistan wheat flour project, Belarus agricultural-industrial complex project and wheat flour production line at Guangzhou grain reserve center, COFCO Engineering Technology has integrated itself into China’s Belt and Road development strategy and laid a solid foundation for building national brand and further expanding into overseas market.  

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