COFCO Capital

COFCO Capital is a COFCO subsidiary, an investment platform specializing in managing and operating financial businesses. Its subsidiaries include Aviva-COFCO, COFCO Trust, COFCO Futures, Aon-COFCO, COFCO Industrial Fund, COFCO Capital(HK), Shenzhen Mingcheng Finance, COFCO Fintech, and Longjiang Bank, with total assets over 100 billion yuan.

       During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, COFCO Capital takes digitalization as the development strategy. On the basis of doing well in existing business, we focus on three innovative businesses including supply chain finance, agricultural finance and health care finance. We integrate industry and finance, and strengthen the cooperation among financial institutions. Supported by the industrial chain of COFCO Group, we aim to build an integrated financial platform featuring services for people's livelihood.

       On August 18 2022, COFCO Capital launched the LIANGXIAOCAI membership Eco-platform, connecting the financial products and services of member companies for individual customers. We continuously introduce COFCO Group's healthy and high-quality grain, oil and food products to create a wealth ecosystem with COFCO characteristics, providing customers with a brand-new wealth life experience.

       Aviva-COFCO is committed to becoming a leading multichannel and digital insurance company with scale and profits sitting atop of the list of Sino-foreign joint venture insurance companies.

       Relying on the industrial chain of COFCO Group,COFCO Trust actively explores and innovates the models of industry-finance integration and agricultural finance to provide customers with high-quality asset management and wealth management services.

       COFCO Futures takes the development strategy of “one body and two wings”. It consolidates the brokerage business and focuses on expanding risk management and asset management business to build a leading domestic derivatives financial service company with industrial characteristics.

       Aon-COFCO is the first Sino-foreign joint venture insurance brokerage company approved to engage in insurance, reinsurance brokerage and risk management consulting business in China. It is a trusted risk solution provider for customers in the Chinese market.

       COFCO Industrial Fund adheres to the enabling investment strategy. It is the "incubator" and "reservoir" for the development of COFCO Group.

       COFCO Capital (HK) is the bridgehead of COFCO Capital's international business layout. It is committed to becoming an excellent wealth management and industrial fund management company.

       Shenzhen Mingcheng Finance is an innovative investment and financing financial service platform of COFCO Capital Management. The company focuses on cross-border finance and emerging industries investment.

       COFCO Fintech is a financial technology company specializing in agriculture, grain, oil and foodstuffs.

       Relying on the rich agricultural resources of Heilongjiang Province, Longjiang Bank has combined finance with agricultural industry chain, creating the financial model of agricultural supply chain.