Coordinating development and safety resolutely upholding safety responsibilities

Consolidate food safety management to ensure safety on the tip of the tongue

Food safety is intrinsically linked to public health, it represents the most fundamental demand for livelihood and forms the bedrock of people's well-being, happiness, and security. In recent years, COFCO has fully embraced its primary responsibility for food safety by integrating it into the lifeline engineering system, core competitiveness, brand development, and social responsibility. The company has continued to establish and enhance its food safety management system, rigorously monitoring every quality and safety checkpoint "from field to table".


Strengthen quality and safety capacity building, and form a solid barrier for safe production

COFCO regards work safety as the top priority. The company has established and improved the work safety risk control system, carried out "safety management intensification year" action, promoted the construction of "mechanization, automation, informatization and intelligence in parallel" and consolidated the "five lines of responsibility".


Coordinate development and safety, and enhance the business risk control

With a focus on risk prevention and control, COFCO continuously improves the risk prevention and control mechanism to ensure that all types of risks at all levels are generally preventable and controllable. In addition, COFCO affiliated companies at all levels actively cope with various risks, strengthen the safety net for safe production to avoid any occurrence of risk.