COFCO Trading

Market-based enterprise with the largest scale operation and most established infrastructure in China’s grain distribution industry, serves as the executive agent of import and export of staple food grain such as wheat and corn.

       COFCO TRADING LTD. is a domestic grain trading company with market-oriented approach. We play a pivotal role in maintaining national grain security and supporting macro-adjustment regulation, acting as a vital link between grain producers, feed and breeding businesses.

       COFCO TRADING LTD. is committed to offering comprehensive, one-stop agricultural services for Chinese farmers and providing global, multi-channel grain trading solutions for clients. Our operations encompass agricultural industrialization of grain, domestic and international grain trade, and e-commerce platforms. Its primary products are corn, wheat, rice, and soybeans.

       Boasting total storage capacity of over 30 million tons, annual port throughput capacity of nearly 22 million tons, and daily shipment capacity exceeding 300,000 tons in Northeast China, our operations span major grain production and sales regions nationwide. In recent years, we have enhanced our control over grain sources, promoted a cooperative platform model for "building platforms and integrating resources", and shared platform revenues with resource contributors. We consistently innovate our business model, supplying high-quality products and consistent services to grain-processing enterprises, and developing agricultural trading platforms that offer digital technology-based service solutions for downstream industries. Furthermore, We actively integrate social resources and establish logistics operation system based on maritime, railway, container, and road transportation, providing the industry with "smooth, efficient, and cost-effective" integrated logistics services.

       Based on "dual circulation" development pattern, we will leverage strong domestic market demand to fulfill our mission of "Food For All, Good For All". By capitalizing our integrated advantages, we will enhance customer service, facilitate efficient operation of the grain supply chain, and boost overall industry efficiency, to ensure national food security and drive progress within the industry.

CONTACT: +86 (010)-8098 5678