Focusing on main responsibilities and core businesses to accelerate building a new landscape of modern agricultural industry

Leveraging the role of industrial chain leader to boost agricultural modernization

COFCO has steadfastly focused on strengthening and expanding its core businesses in grain, oil, sugar, cotton, meat, and dairy. By intensifying efforts to optimize resource allocation, COFCO fully harnesses the operational advantages across the entire industry chain, including cultivation, storage, processing, transportation, trade, and consumption. Through win-win cooperation with stakeholders at all levels, it leads and drives the transformation and upgrading of China's agricultural modernization, contributing to the nation's transition from being an "agricultural giant" to an "agricultural powerhouse".


Enhancing supply chain capacity in all respects, COFCO has managed to “stabilize” supply on market

COFCO Corporation has intensified its strategic efforts in major grain-producing regions and consumer markets, and crucial logistics hubs across the nation. With grain and oil production bases, comprehensive industrial parks, and emergency processing centers arranged in major grain-producing areas, key distribution areas, and transport junctions, it keeps cementing its status as an industry leader in grain trading, oil processing, rice processing, deep corn processing, edible sugar trading and processing, and dairy product processing, and continuously shores up an efficient, stable, secure and resilient industry chain and supply chain, as an act of ensuring steady supply on the agricultural food market.


Driven by innovation, COFCO “speeds up” transformation through new quality productive forces

In the face of a new round of technological revolution and industrial reform, COFCO develops new quality productive forces according to local conditions, enhances innovation, fosters emerging industries, plans ahead for futuristic industries, and improves modern industrial systems. With technology and innovation consistently serving as the driving force behind highquality development, COFCO with a focus on core businesses of the agricultural grain industry, adopts a multi-faceted approach. This includes strengthening the innovation of platforms, increasing investment in innovation and R&D, and consolidating digital empowerment. These efforts advance the high-end, green and intelligent transformation of the traditional agricultural grain industry, revitalizing all industry chain partners through enhanced operating efficiency and development quality of the industry and supply chains.


COFCO, a trailblazer in the “reform”, injects vitality into the development

In 2023, COFCO gathered momentum to advance a new round of state-owned enterprise reform, while consolidating and cementing achievements made in the three-year action. With reinforcing core function and competence as a priority, it put forth greater effort to the institutional reform, streamline state-owned capital allocation, improve market-oriented operating mechanism and optimize integrated management and control system, to build a new modern state-owned enterprise of vigor and vibrancy.