Maintain a global presence, COFCO ensures smooth and stable operation of overseas agricultural and food supply chain

Ensure smooth global grain sourcing to establish a sustainable global agricultural and food system

COFCO persists in international development and continuously refines the global layout for grain circulation. We focuses on the strategic layout of key grain-producing regions and critical logistics nodes such as South America and the Black Sea. And we establishes a stable food corridor that connects major agricultural production areas worldwide with emerging markets in Asia. By doing so, COFCO has facilitated the production, processing, circulation, and sales of bulk agricultural products including grains, oils, sugar, cotton, meat and dairy products.


Advance open collaboration, and foster a mutually beneficial industrial ecosystem

COFCO adheres to the principle of shared consultation, construction, and benefits, accelerating our internationalization process, food trade cooperation, and participating deeply in industry exchanges. We have built a trading network covering major agricultural production and consumption areas worldwide, and driving the synergetic development of the upstream and downstream sectors of the industrial chain, thus achieving multi-party win-win outcomes.