Responsibility Management

Philosophy and Strategies

Provide nutritious and healthy foods and superior quality lifestyle services; be a leader in the industry; maximize value for customers, shareholders and employees. To be the unique agri-products and food enterprise with fully-integrated value chain, global layout, the largest market and greatest potential in China. To be the major executor of national food security and safety strategy. National interest, truth-seeking and pragmatic spirit, strict enterprise management and frugality are our company culture. Dare to play, dare to be responsible and dare to Accomplish as our spirit of reform.



Social Responsibility

COFCO seeks to set the international standard of social responsibility for whole industry chain grain and oil food enterprises. Global agribusinesses have economic and social responsibilities, must strive for balance and sustainable development, meet global food supply, and provide safe food products. COFCO wishes to lead new agricultural enterprises towards enshrining these issues are shared values and cultivate a feeling of responsibility amongst all agribusinesses.



Social Responsibility Substantive Issues Identification

The COFCO Guidelines for Sustainability Reporting Based on the Global Reporting Initiative GRI 4.0 identifies issues of social responsibility based on the Group's own development strategy and liability management model, combined with an understanding of the relevant stakeholders and the expectations placed on COFCO. We have identified a total of 27 issues. These issues are then assessed and sorted by importance and priority based on two dimensions, “important for stakeholders” and “important for COFCO.” 



Communication with Stakeholders

Maintaining excellent communication with stakeholders is essential to a comprehensive understanding of COFCO’s social impact so as to effectively plan to fulfill our social responsibilities and continue to meet these stakeholders’ expectations.