Mengniu Dairy

Mengniu Dairy is China's leading and world-famous dairy enterprise, ranking among the top ten dairy enterprises in the world since 2017.

       As China’s leading dairy manufacturer, Mengniu Dairy was established in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 1999, it’s headquartered in Hohhot, and it ranked seventh in the “Global Dairy TOP 10” in 2022. In 2004, it was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 2319.HK), and it’s a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index, and Hang Seng Sustainable Development Enterprises Index. COFCO Corporation is Mengniu's largest strategic shareholder.

       Mengniu focuses on providing nutritious, healthy, and delicious dairy products to Chinese and global consumers, and it has formed a rich product portfolio, including liquid milk, ice cream, milk formula, cheese, and other commodities. It has star brands such as Milk Deluxe, Just Yoghurt, Champion, Real Fruits, Yoyi-C, Shiny Meadow, Deluxe Ice-Cream, Milkland, and Bellamy’s Organic. In the areas of high-end pure milk, low-temperature yogurt, high-end fresh milk, cheese, and other fields, it occupies a leading market share. In addition to mainland China, Mengniu's products have also entered more than ten countries’ and regions' markets, including Southeast Asia, Oceania, and North America.

       Mengniu Dairy has established 41 production bases in China and overseas bases in New Zealand, Indonesia, and Australia, with a total global factory number of 68 and an annual production capacity of over ten million tons. Additionally, the company has invested strategically in Modern Farming and Chinese Shengmu, among other large-scale livestock groups, and it currently has over 1,000 cooperative farms in China that collect over 20,000 tons of milk daily, with 100% of fresh milk coming from large-scale, intensive pastures. Mengniu Dairy also actively sources high-quality milk overseas, having processors like Burra Foods in Australia and Bellamy’s, an organic infant food provider.

       Mengniu Dairy has established multinational research and development centers in North America and Europe and has strategically cooperated with many renowned scientific research institutions globally in fields such as forage planting, farming and processing, dairy science, and product innovation. Significant progress has been made in intelligent manufacturing, raw milk preservation, probiotics, quality control technology, and other fields. Mengniu has committed to continuously improving the quality management system of the entire industry chain “from-grass-to-glass,” with digital and intelligent solutions covering all links.

       Mengniu Dairy’s first-class quality and brand value are widely recognized domestically and internationally. It serves as FIFA World Cup's official global sponsor, the official partner of the Chinese Football Association China Team, the official partner of the China Super League, the strategic partner of China Aerospace, the official dairy product partner of Shanghai Disneyland Resort, and the official partner of Beijing Universal Resort.

       Mengniu Dairy adheres to the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs), and it promotes the "GREEN" sustainable development strategy in five parts (Governance–Sustainability, Responsibility–Common Prosperity, Environment-Carbon Net–Zero, Ecosystem–Collaborative & Accountable, and Nutrition–Supreme & Inclusive). The company supports rural revitalization and achieves common prosperity through dairy revitalization. It was the first to release an industry-leading dual-carbon strategic goal, which clearly states that the carbon peak will be reached by 2030 and the carbon neutrality of the entire industrial chain will be achieved by 2050, promoting a sustainable development transformation of the entire industry chain. In 2022, Mengniu Dairy's MSCI ESG rating jumped to the "A" level, the highest level in the Chinese food industry.

       During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Mengniu will focus on the New Development Stage, implement New Development Concepts, and lead the high-quality development of China's dairy industry. The company has developed a strategic plan to "Create a New Mengniu" to guide its "FIRST" (First-Choice, International, Responsibility, Spirit, and Technology) strategy, and it strives to develop into a world-class enterprise. Looking ahead, Mengniu Dairy aims to fulfill its mission of "nurturing every life with every drop of nutrition" and its vision of "From grassland across the world, beloved by global consumers, and nourishing two billion consumers" while adhering to its values of customer-centered, creative thinking and encouraging talent, integrity, and honesty. It will continue to meet the needs of the people through high-quality products and services, promoting the high-quality development of China's dairy industry and creating a new golden era for Chinese manufacturing.

CONTACT: +86-400 660 3333