Engaged in domestic and international sugar production, imports, refining, sales & trade, warehouse & logistics, and tomato products manufacturing.

       COFCO Sugar (Stock Code: 600737.SH) has the complete industrial layout and full industrial chain domestically and overseas. Our business includes sugar production, imports, refining, domestic sales & trade, warehouse & logistics.

       In domestic cane and beet sugar industry, COFCO Sugar strongly supports the development of agriculture, farmer and rural areas, plays a significant role in promoting domestic capacity of planting and sugar production.

       In the overseas sugar industry, COFCO has owned Tully Sugar, which is an Australian sugar mill with three hundred-thousand tones production capacity annually. In terms of imports and refining, COFCO Sugar’s import volume accounts for about 50% of the total sugar import volume in China. It also has a sugar refinery factory which is built nearby the port and its production capacity is 1.5 million tones. COFCO sugar has become an important connection between overseas resources and the domestic market.

       COFCO Sugar is one of the largest sugar traders in China, owns 21 warehouses in all major sales areas with storage capacity of more than two hundred thousand tones. COFCO Sugar provides full coverage of logistics and storage services for domestic sugar trade players.

       COFCO Sugar’s tomato business engaged in production and export of large packing tomato paste. It also involved in tomato planting, tomato product production, and lycopene produces production. COFCO Sugar’s tomato constructed seed research and development, planting, pretreating, deep processing and sales integration of tomato products industrial chain, owns 16 tomato products enterprise with total annual capacity of three hundred thousand tons.

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