COFCO International

The exclusive platform of COFCO Group's agribusiness for international origination, transportation, investment and development.

       COFCO International operates with a mature agricultural commodity business model with a strong trading network and asset management capabilities. COFCO International has access to the major production regions including the Americas, Europe and Australia, and owns logistics assets in major global food export cities and inland logistics nodes, including Santos in Brazil, Rosario in Argentina, St. Louis in the United States, Nikolaev in Ukraine and Constanta in Romania.

       COFCO International will continue to supply agricultural products around the world through its globally integrated supply chain, originating from surplus producing regions to supply regions with high demand. Our vision is to become a leading vertically-integrated agriculture supply chain company, covering storage, processing, logistics, trading and distribution, and the major agricultural commodities including soybeans, corn, wheat, barley and sugar. We will continue to look for synergies to achieve more efficient operations and lower costs.

       COFCO International is accelerating its growth to create a world-class integrated global agriculture supply chain company, anchored in China but competing globally, from its foundations in the Chinese and Asian markets’ steadily growing food consumption demand. With its upstream origination and trading operations linked to the downstream processing and distribution capabilities of COFCO and its affiliates in China, COFCO International has unique competitive advantages and is well positioned to reshape the competitive landscape of global agribusiness.