COFCO Wines & Spirits

Build "the best comprehensive alcoholic drinks company in China".

COFCO Wines & Spirits Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of COFCO group that specializes in alcoholic drinks business. COFCO Wines & Spirits covers the production, trade and marketing of domestic wine, liquor, rice wine and imported wine, beer and spirits. It owns many famous product brands such as "GREATWALL", "HUAXIA", "SUNGOD", "Five-Star", "Jiugui", "Neican", "Chateau de Viaud", "KONGYIJI" and the imported wine brand "COFCO Wine & Wine".

China’s first bottle of dry red, dry white, and traditional sparkling wine were all created by GREATWALL. It has provided a solid foundation for the formalization and standardization of Chinese wine industry. As a leading brand of oriental wine with world influence, GREATWALL has received accolades from Brussels, Decanter, IWC London and other international professional wine awards. "At grand national events, we drink GREATWALL. " GREATWALL has become the postcard of Chinese hospitality and frequently featured in major events such as the Shanghai World Expo, Boao Forum for Asia, APEC Summit and Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

Jiugui Liquor (Stock Code: 000799.SZ), the initiator and founder of Fuyuxiangxing baijiu in China as well as the leader of Chinese cultural liquor. Along with the National Standard for Fuyuxiangxing is officially released in 2021, Jiugui has entered a new stage of high-quality development. Jiugui has three major lines, including "Neican", "Jiugui" and "Xiangquan". Relying on the specificity of geographical environment, the uniqueness of national culture, the originality of packaging design, the innovation of winemaking technology, the harmony of Fuyuxiangxing and the scarcity of cave resources, "Jiugui" has achieved the status of leading brand for Chinese Fuyuxiangxing baijiu.

COFCO W&W, adhering to the mission of “Better wine Better life”, insists on the development centering on Chain Store Channel and the mission of providing imported and domestic fine wines and spirits to Chinese consumers. COFCO W&W covers the four core categories of wines, imported spirits, Chinese Baijiu and low-alcohol beverages. From upper supply chain, to middle operation management system, to multiple sales channels, COFCO W&W carries out total quality control with the standard of "professional team, strict selection of wine, strict quality control and rigorous service", to satisfy the demands of consumers who become more and more professional and personalized.

Kongyiji is a "product of Shaoxing wine origin and geographical protection". It is brewed on the Bank of Jianhu Lake in Shaoxing, the rice wine town. It adheres to the traditional manual brewing process and introduces advanced production and management system. KONGYIJI leads the new trends of rice wine by innovative science technology. The large single product "Hui" and the high-end new product "Jinlinyou" have won a number of national invention patents, redefining rice wine with high-value, high-quality, and new flavors, giving it new connotations.

COFCO Wine & Spirits focuses on consumers, adheres to brand leading, deepening reform and strict management of enterprises, deeply promotes product innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation, optimizes product structure, creates super single product combination, improves brand influence and market competitiveness, and strives to build COFCO Wine & Spirits into "the best comprehensive alcoholic drinks company in China" to meet the growing demand of consumers’ growth of a better life and achieve high-quality business development.

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