COFCO NHRI is the first enterprise R&D center in China that systematically research on the nutritional needs and metabolic mechanisms of Chinese people to improve national health.

       As the core R&D institute of COFCO, NHRI’s mission is "Based on life science, committed to nutrition and health, serving the industrial chain, developing prime products and improving national life quality”. Our vision is "Transcending customer demands through innovation and leading a healthier China with science and technology ". NHRI takes all-round support of the COFCO industrial development, and applies open innovation and independent R&D models on carrying out innovation tasks with focusing on "Product development within nutrition and health field", “Technology development centered on improving quality and efficiency, saving energy and reducing emissions, and sustainable development”. So far, with a wealth of highly-educated, multi-disciplined and multi-cultural young talent team, NHRI has become a national-level open innovation platform in grain, lipid and food stuff industries, and the main body of national strategy implementation on food science and technology.

       NHRI has been honored as key research platforms at national, provincial or ministerial level, such as:
National Subsidiary Foodstuffs Quality Supervision and Inspection Center;
Quality Inspection Center of National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration;
National Standard Sample Calibration Laboratory of Natural Products;
National Energy Research Center of Liquid Biofuels;
National Talent and Intelligence Introduction Demonstration Base;
Nutrition and Health Center of China Knowledge Center for Engineering Sciences and Technology;
National Agricultural Science, Technology, and Innovation Incubator;
National Mass Innovation Space;
National academician Working Station;
National Postdoctoral Working Station;
       Key Laboratory for Quality and Safety Control of Sugar and Tomato of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs:
Beijing Key Laboratory for Nutrition, Health and Food Safety;
Beijing Engineering Laboratory for Geriatric Nutrition Food Research;
Beijing Livestock Products Quality and Safety Source Control Engineering Technology Research Center;
Beijing International Science & Technology Cooperation Base for Food Processing Technologies and Food Nutrition;
National high-tech Enterprise Certification;
Capital Civilized Unit;
Demonstration Unit of Introduce of Foreign Intelligence of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs;
Demonstration Unit of National Grain Science and Technology” of National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration;
The Patent Examiner Practical Base of State Intellectual Property Office;
       National Advanced Group of Popularization of Science by Ministry of Science and Technology; NHRI operates joint laboratories including:
Beijing Laboratory for Food Quality and Safety;
China-Australia Joint Research Centre for Future Dairy Technologies.
       NHRI is also a branch of “Chinese Cereals and Oils Association” and “China Instrument and Control Society”, and a founding member of “Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Nutritional and Healthy Food Industry” and “Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Civil-Military Integration”. NHRI Food Safety and Quality Testing Laboratories has been certified by “CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), CMA (China Metrology Accreditation), CMAF (China Metrology Accreditation for Food)”. Two subsidiary corporations of NHRI, Guomao Food Technology (Beijing) co., LTD., COFCO Biotechnology (Beijing) co., LTD, also approved as the national high-tech enterprise.
       During the 13th Five-Year Plan period,NHRI leverages the advantages of dominant position of enterprise based on major needs in grain and oil fields, heading up 4 national key research and development programs,participating in more than 30 national key research and development projects. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period,NHRI will endeavor to meet the fundamental goal of satisfying the people’s growing desire for a better life, implementing the food security and the innovation-driven development strategy, deploying innovation chain around the industry chain, laying out the industry chain around the innovation chain, upgrading the value chain, and integrating superior scientific research resources to build an open influential innovation platform.