COFCO Oils & Oilseeds

COFCO Oils & Oilseeds is one of the core businesses in COFCO group, mainly engaging in the processing, warehousing, trading and distributing of soybeans, rapeseeds, groundnuts and palm products. We also own and produce branded edible oil of Fortune.

       COFCO Oils & Oilseeds owns 33 processing plants in 13 provinces, with annual processing capacity over 26 million tons, refining capacity over 7 million tons and filling capacity over 5 million tons. Now, we have built up a capacity landscape covering “East coastal region” “Yangtze river area” and “West inland”.

       We are the producer of Fortune branded small packaged oil, Fu Zhanggui medium-sized packaged oil, and as well as many well-known meals brands like Four Seas and Xi Yingying. In 2022, the company achieved an operating revenue of more than 130 billion yuan and sales of more than 23 million tons of edible oil, protein meal and other products.

       With the idea of “benefit the tiller, benefit the eater”, we have been pursuing the goal to meet the various demands of consumers and to help the people realize their better quality lives. “Contributing to the country and working for the people” is not only our faith, but also a solemn commitment to consumers. We will always strive for the national food security strategy,and the goal of becoming a world-class edible oils company.