COFCO Womai Limited is an e-commerce food supply chain of COFCO. It delivers COFCO-manufactured products and selected products from the global market to consumers through online and offline integrated channels, and is dedicated to building a "Global food supply chain, the best quality requirement".

       COFCO Womai was founded in 2009, which is the earliest and most specialized food e-commerce platform in China and also represent the COFCO global food development strategy. As a food supply chain e-commerce company under COFCO, it relies on COFCO's global industrial chain strategic layout to deliver healthy, delicious, convenient, pleasant food and considerate service to every costumer of COFCO. With the S2B2C model, the good products of "COFCO Manufacturing + COFCO Selection" are dedicated to serving the customer through online and offline integrated channels, to carry forward the concept of “buy natural products, enjoy exquisite life” to every customer who are pursuing high-quality life.

       COFCO Womai adheres to high-quality development and does its best to operate the COFCO e-commerce platform. Conscientiously implements the strategy of "the food comes from nature", and strives to create the concept of "buy natural products, enjoy exquisite life " to all the customers, COFCO's own manufactured products include cereals, oils, and side dishes, casual snacks, fresh fruits, fish, meat, eggs, and milk, etc. COFCO brands include the health semi-manufactured food brand "Youcai", the health food brand "ShiYi", the natural food brand "ShanCui", and an imported food brand "MFC" with a "made for China" value proposition. At the same time, COFCO is building a closed and semi-closed S2B2C food supply chain operation to provide one-stop food supply solution for COFCO customers.


WEBSITE:   www.cofcowomai.com
CONTACT:  +86(10)-57371500