COFCO Grains & Cereals

COFCO Grains is one of COFCO Corporation’s subsidiary companies specialized in processing, trade and sales of rice, wheat and brewing materials. It’s a key part of COFCO’s main core businesses: grain, oil, sugar and cotton. COFCO Grains plays an important role in guaranteeing national staple food security, executing grain macro-control and protecting food safety and stable food supply. All of COFCO Grain’s business units have established an industry-leading position.

       COFCO Grains inherits some of COFCO’s most old-line business areas. Among which our rice business started in 1952 and has over 70-years of history by now. COFCO Grains has developed into a grain and food company with fully-integrated value chain from the field to the table. We have 43 modern agro-production base with industry-leading advanced technology. Our annual production capacity for rice, wheat, barley malt and noodles are 5.13 million tons, 7.71 million tons, 0.83 million tons and 0.24 million tons respectively, all have a top ranking in the industry.

       Global marketing network: COFCO Grains vigorously lays out a global marketing network to serve the national macro-control. When the country is in need, we have the ability to ensure that the main grain products are available, transportable with good quality at any time throughout the country, and maintain absolute ration security. At present, our products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions, covering 200-thousand marketing outlets in China. A fast and convenient main grain processing chain and logistics supply chain connecting all corners of the country have been established.

       Promote consumption upgrade: Through the selection of high-quality varieties, base planting monitoring, global model factory processing, professional technical management, strict quality control, efficient logistics system and marketing network construction, COFCO Grains realized the traceability of the whole process from the field to the table. We have established a complete and seamless food safety standardization management system, providing consumers with safe, nutritious, healthy and assured products to meet Chinese people's demand for upgrading the consumption of staple food products, and protect the welfare of 1.4 billion Chinese people on the table.

       Brand leadership drives development: The rice and flour products of COFCO “Fortune” and “Xiangxue” brand are popular among consumers, and their brand value and influence are constantly improving. "Fortune" brand has been rated as "the First ideal brand of Chinese Rice and Floure" and "Rice brand with the highest customer satisfaction in China", and its market share has ranked first for many consecutive years. The COFCO Fortune Planting and Harvesting Cultural Festivals have been held for many times to spread Chinese traditional staple food culture.

       Under the grand blueprint of "14th Five-Year Plan" of COFCO, we will make full use of both international and domestic market resources, further improve the industrial layout, strive to achieve a turnover of more than 20 million tons, consolidate the operation and management capacity, strengthen product research and development innovation, increase the market share and profit level year by year, and bravely shoulder the responsibility of ensuring national food security. Our mission is to provide hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers with safe, nutritious and healthy staple food and high-quality food raw materials.

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