Originally China National Textiles Import and Export Corporation, was established in 1949.

       Chinatex Corporation Limited, formerly known as China National Textile Import and Export Corporation, was founded on August 1, 1949. Since its establishment more than seven decades ago, the Chinatex has gradually transformed from a foreign trade-oriented textile enterprise, through persistent and innovation-driven development, into a large enterprise group with good reputation at home and abroad. Its business covers the trading of cotton, wool and chemical fibers, R&D and production of cotton textiles, printing and dyeing fabrics, clothing trading and domestic retailing, domestic and overseas exhibitions etc.

       Chinatex’s cotton fields, cotton mills, printing and dyeing mills, knitting and woven garment mills are located globally. It is one of the largest cotton traders in China. In 2019, its cotton sales exceeded one million tons. As one of the initiators of China National Cotton Exchange, its textile and printing and dyeing production capacity leads the industry in Asia. Chinatex is also a leading supplier of professional uniform in China. Chinatex, which has been granted with many national patents in the field of cotton textile, initiates several national standards and is one of the main suppliers of special yarns. The Asian Fashion Fair (AFF) organized by Chinatex is the one of the largest and most professional textile and garment OEM·ODM exhibitions in Japan.

       In July 2016, with the approval the State Council, Chinatex was integrated into COFCO Corporation as its wholly owned subsidiary. Following the development strategy of "consolidation, upgrading, transformation, stability and breakthrough" in accordance with the requirements of the 14th Five-Year Plan, Chinatex takes on the important historical mission of "becoming the main force to ensure the safety of the national cotton industry, the practitioner of intelligent, green and environmentally-friendly factories”, significantly enhances its vitality, influence and weight in the industry, and strives to become a world-class cotton textile enterprise!

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