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COFCO Corporation’s Scientific Innovation Included in “Carbon Neutrality” Report by UN Global Compact Release Time : 2023-03-16
On February 22, UN Global Compact (UNGC) released a report titled “Company ‘Carbon Neutrality’ Target Setting, Action and Global Cooperation”, which includes a scientific innovation case -- “Technology of processing substitute grain to produce ethanol fuel” jointly developed by COFCO Biotechnology and COFCO Nutrition & Health Research Institute.

As to the R&D and promotion of green and low-carbon products, COFCO Corporation has developed the technology of processing diverse raw materials to produce ethanol fuel, which has been applied to multiple production lines. From 2016 to the end of September, 2022, diverse raw materials were fully processed to produce over 3 million tons of ethanol fuel, indirectly reducing the import of crude oil by nearly 15 million tons. The emission of ethanol fuel used by car is down by 69% compared with petrol. In this way, COFCO Corporation has achieved carbon emission reduction by about 5 million tons, implementing its green and low-carbon development strategy through concrete actions.

The UNGC report aims to introduce the progress of carrying out measures to achieve net-zero emission by representative enterprises from key industries in internal operation and various links of value chain, share the best emission reduction practices by global leading enterprises in various fields, and help enterprises advance emission reduction along their value chains through global cooperation across different industries so as to jointly embrace the future of net-zero emission.

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