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COFCO Group Ranked 13th among “China’s Top 100 Employers 2022” Release Time : 2023-01-04
On December 23, “China’s Top Employers 2022” award ceremony was held and broadcast live online. COFCO Group was awarded “China’s Top Employer 2022 (13th)” and “China’s Most Attractive Employer to University Students 2022”. Since the inception of “China’s Annual Top Employers”, COFCO Group has received awards for nine times and the most favorable ranking in 2022.

A total of 93,426 enterprises took part in “China’s Top Employers 2022” survey. Thanks to its excellent scores in terms of multiple dimensions such as internal employer power, corporate credentials and brand messaging as well as its stellar performance in cultural co-development, organizational resonance, growth and joint advancement, and incentive sharing, COFCO Group is listed as an excellent case of jointly creating value by employer and employees to achieve “win-win”. In the dimension of evaluating internal employer power, the top three aspects that have received the highest employee satisfaction scores are respect for employee (98%), reasonable performance management (97%) and compensation for employee’s contribution (95%).

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