Growing Together with Employees

Staff Composition

COFCO adheres to the principles of equal employment and diversity, and provides equal employment opportunities for talents of different genders, ethnicities and educational backgrounds and promote the development of COFCO. 


In 2020, the total number of employees of the COFCO reaches 151,000, among which ethnic minority employees account for 6.2% while female employees account for 31.8%. 24,860 employees are newly recruited , of which fresh graduates account for 10.1%.



Compensation and Benefits

Optimizing Compensation System Motivates Staff to Grow.  Protecting the Welfare System.



Employee Development

Developing Systematic Training and Improve Professional Competence.  Organizing Cultural Activities to Improve Corporate Cohesion.



Occupational Health and Safety

In 2020, COFCO adhered to the three concepts of "political guidance, strategic predominance, and value
creation", and took various measures to train the talents by "valuing younger talents, and selecting the
superior while weeding out the inferior in a market-oriented practice". We continuously optimized the Group's
assessment and incentive system and talent training system, formulated the "7+1" system, to improve education
and training pattern, and strengthen the daily supervision and management of cadres. Based on the business
conditions and the requirements of corporate reform and development, all the subsidiaries promoted more
market-oriented mechanisms, younger teams, more international management, more professional talents, and
more systematic operations, so as to comprehensively support the growth of employees and provide a solid
organizational guarantee and talent support for high-quality development of the Group.