Focusing on building quality brands to meet diversified domestic consumer demands

As the largest agricultural enterprise in China, COFCO actively adapts to new trends and changes in domestic consumer demand, makes solid progress in brand strategy, and strives to create high-quality products and services for customers and consumers, so that COFCO brands can gain more recognition and popularity among the general public, and empower people to meet their increasing demands for a better life.


COFCO brands boast a long history of over 70 years. COFCO has been bringing many high-quality products and services to consumers, with a range of "national brands" enjoying a good reputation in the Chinese market. COFCO brands gradually go deep into people’s hearts.


In 2023, having the domestic demand upgrade in mind, COFCO has made overall planning and carried forward different brand strategies, stepped up efforts in brand building, and kept upgrading product quality through various means such as target audience analysis, technology research, quality adjustment, and control, in order to satisfy people’s pursuit of healthy and highquality life in the new era, and help people lead a better life.